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There is so much one can do with a simple theme, in this case, a woman and a window.  Shoot from the outside looking in, from far away or up tight.  Shoot from inside, silhouetting the subject, or exposing for the interior.  Setting the model inside the frame, or using the architectural elements of the window as the main compositional device.  Place with reflection.  And the photographer can simply let the natural light spill in and cast gorgeous light on the subject.  In any case, as these images illustrate, the possibilities are endless.

In Other Words by TikiLlanes:thumb66330085::thumb77001861:
:thumb94035959::thumb92074479: Down by passion-fruit:thumb100239297:
Afternoon Glow by flightless-angel we can cap the old times. by literarykiller waiting for you. by myndband
KCMO II. by Nikx:thumb48215089::thumb105035774:
A. by Clstrfcuk Like the back of my hand by Ithunn dreamcatcher by bassexcess
Pieces Of Yesterday by littlemewhatever simple by beddy:thumb97811339: Window Sill Beauty by DecadeOfTherion
:thumb97472749::thumb84547155: Morgans photoshoot 22 by jdltphotography
:thumb78426968: still waiting by the-elff Inside portrait by bittersweetvenom
:thumb54877574::thumb111093038: angel8 by dancingperfect
daydream. by Jimasso:thumb75611073: Not a cloud in the sky... by SkattyPip Same as that thursday morning by bittersweetvenom
:thumb109111899: k.m. by SnjezanaJosipovic window. by Fatigued

Mature Content

phoneSEX by tustel35mm
:thumb92647390: Window by delicatewine:thumb86030303:
:thumb109144705::thumb83184258: window view by rinascita
rainy day by ChemicalPill girl and her thoughts by virginia-ateh Air stands still. by Be-at
Morning by dandude666 Suicidal tendencies. by disillusa
ballet II by VitaDelirium:thumb113426848: me by nestlechoco
:thumb85722690: To Be Alone With You by Asilwen All that you shared - 14 by jsmonzani
window of dreams by torobala:thumb93000794: Window by M4rl3y
honest good and pure by TaiLyhn Sanctuary by eleaphotogirl Shades of Morning by Phrat
Out There by Taylor-TRAGEDY:thumb98390980:

Mature Content

Outlook II by draechlein

Glass memories by Zaratops:thumb115181505::thumb113307035: window no1 by inContrast
foundations by haikman The Doll House by littlemewhatever Just A Feeling by littlemewhatever

Mature Content

for a film by Gugune
some of us was angels by dayswillpass never look down by melgun
Stare politely by jariya XIVA by StrangeLoser ..careful where you stand by bittersweetvenom
.The Light Out of The Window. by Kiyha07:thumb42709161: ciao tesoro . by V3Nr3VeNG3
whats outside the window by Laylia girl next door by snivelprincess pretty woman on the window by suchystfur
:thumb103033189: At Corbin's BW by Spluker:thumb54693715:
:thumb71297904: room 9 by pommephoto:thumb98841579:
The Window II by yohko smoke behind glass by brandybuck:thumb63117039:
Window of my heart by LittleJean:thumb74192061::thumb95998534:
Window by just-Marga The Matter by corollary View by 0-Hermit-0
Not Rain by rikachu426 Figure in the window by saelle girl side of window by lbda668
window by JacksBadDecisions window silhouette by JustinOnimus
Close Your Eyes, We Are Blind by Faygit:thumb16736544::thumb37854649:

Mature Content

Window by coleus
Looking beyound the window by Somewhere-New:thumb113339251: Autumn is Calling by kedralynn
:thumb40068558: coming up from the darkness by B-Smith My Pink Bedroom by ParadiseKidd
Window by Rafiusky:thumb89853291: I. by asndra the Diary of Jane by bittersweetvenom
:thumb114290626: Autumn Window by M-Stephen-Photo bobbi by halla
Naive by MarchingClouds sleepy by celiq:thumb73381158:
minek by tencza he's not coming home by sunstardevil Genesis by karanaglephoto Brandi 5 by AlterEgoPhotography
:thumb90280222: In my lonely place by algarmen window by missullivan
:thumb75539322::thumb87652840: window by burninghearts

Mature Content

Escape 1 by M-Stephen-Photo
:thumb88640365: Snow White by elsvo:thumb113002087:
Sophie - Shy by superkev window by xPorcelainHeartx:thumb81486966:
rainy.. by ceylanatuk to languish by obscurity-n:thumb11591568:
Looking Out My Window by Hearts-In-Atlantis Imperfection III by stolentime autumn on the fourth floor by Lucem
BetceeMay7, Window Two, 544 by photoscot AH No.23 by existentialdefiance:thumb66231608: the dark room by Mongibello
Storm by bittersweetvenom I me mine by fatboyslimgirl:thumb85896545:
The Window by aspen-grace:thumb90524250: she. by florit
Beautiful Breakthrough by kedralynn put your limits to a test by Falbanka:thumb88657887:
Vintage Gown 2 by GoodLilSlytherin:thumb86289800: monochrome by thicktheo

Mature Content

Kelly in the Window by PrimaryEffect
:thumb88195104::thumb111959584: Smile for the Window by renfestfey monika by agnieszkakryspin
In Life You Can't Explain 3 by oolau NO tilte NO by Malin78 fotterla by IrisOfHope

Mature Content

Smoke or Die by true-pictsie
Why you left ?... by DaDiNoU:thumb114086632:

Mature Content

CK2, Window, 170 by photoscot
waiting for... by qstra
Dreaming by WhisperedThunder if you could talk to me by balinlesavage:thumb107625978:
:thumb38525241:Window Light by sunstardevilSparkle and Glow by existentialdefiance
Room with a view 2 by MrMichaelMThe sky is at my feet by BENGiZClose to the heart by xemotearzxtell me where it hurts by theluckynine
Waiting Shadows by littlemewhatever- window silhouette - by SaschaHuettenhain:thumb77668847:
:thumb105653487:SE No.14 Version 2 by existentialdefiance.through the window by MeRH26:thumb38869741:
Dance Inside This Tragedy by posterxxboys0h0h by voguedollMelancholy by candy-eyed
violet 3 by suo-mevoeux by llltourbillonlllLetting go of lullabies. by deconstructedstars
:thumb100988991:Calm By The Window by WisteriaMemories:thumb91636228::thumb98740431:
A Portrait of the Artist... by rikkileephotoforgotten princess by majcia:thumb63969084:
over the window.. by laurenLOPHtomatoOtro tiempo nace by RebecaSaray
Reveuse by Purple-ArtThe White Window by gatchaman:thumb75822190:
Katha by DeBallyLost by xXPrettyWhenUCry:thumb84863276:
:thumb103011200:Dark II by marycontrary+_selfportrait by ezoterka
:thumb102700050:Impatient by TettyTemps qu'elle finisse by Helium-Raven
E. by monisI get tired but I can't sleep by x-shook-xwindow scene by Royaa
into the white by feltrimwindow by kariannphotographyshe. by florit
Through Glass I by MyndzeyeWindows To Her Soul by AverRalat the window by Ann-the-Strange:thumb74249597:
How much is that Emmy.. by JumMandiyDesire by by lazerbeamjesus
:thumb97199201:The-Inspired-Reflection by TheStrangercalledJim:thumb20281776:
We thought we lost you by iSpavelcabin fever. by JimassoWaiting for you ... by joeyrunswithwolves
looking up window by Meisa1st by AperturebladesAmarte no es bastante... by Ukiko
Facing the light - One by joyeeyim:thumb73744733::thumb78708137:
Daydream by rebekah-modeling:thumb95709699::thumb98138559:
Something's Missing From Me. by mrsassypants:thumb53789726:Looking out by sxy447
violet 2 by suo-mean open window by dinardiwindow by JarekKas
2: a by st3fanni3:thumb87387713::thumb34854645:Alive by fallenrosemedia
in the window by frankabadesThe Window Seat by ifotoufeel the static by Lucem
Beauty at the Window by TonsArtClickWindow by FALLenJBehind The Window by agieCouldn't by inspiremetangerine
Angel By the Window by ifotou:thumb106404286:gaze through the window by lavenderprincess
:thumb48468084:Spy Games. by adeuxOutside. by Sylphia
:thumb85800215:see. by aethe:thumb85821107:
:thumb87164537:memory of you by steph9668At The Window by CheekyChanny
to my window by PhigmentOn the Ledge by wildfotoguyDare - through the window by kmil60
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